Product:  C-Coil Bending- Cutting Machine for turbo rotor winding
Type:         AT-CCCO-2
Edition:    12/151507 CCCO Komplett 3D klein

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The C-Coil-Cut-Off machine is build for bending rotor C-Coils in radial direction and for cutting and milling the end surface of the C-Coil package to the required final shape. No reworking of the C-Coils is necessary. After the bending- cutting- and milling process, the C-Coil package can be inserted into the rotor slots of the generator shaft without any post-processing.

2. Technical Data

Machine length: approx. 10.100 mm
Machine width: approx. 3.600 mm
Machine height: approx. 2.600 mm
Machine weight: approx. 7.000 kg
Max. Coil length: 7.500 mm
Min. Coil length: 2.500 mm
Max. Coil width: 50 mm
Max. Coil height: depends on bending radius
Min. bending radius: 200 mm
Max. bending radius: 415 mm
Max. rotation angle machining station: 40° backwards, 70° forwards
Resultant range of suitable coil angels: 20° – 90°

3. Scope of supply

The machine consists of the following main components:

  • Machine bed incl. guide rails
  • 5 pc. clamping and adjusting consoles
  • 2 pc. bending stations incl. radial guiding devices
  • 2 pc. bending segments with required bending radius
  • 2 pc. machining stations incl. cutting units, milling units and clamping devices
  • 2 pc. machining segments with required coil radius
  • 2 pc. operating panels and remote controls mounted on a swivel bracket.
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Cable carrier for guiding electrical and hydraulic wires and hoses
  • Safety fence incl. safety doors for entrance

4. Process result


C Coil Bending Cutting Machine

C-Coil Bending- Cutting Machine AT-CCCO-2 / Spulenbiege