Product: Roebel press with 2 or 3 hydraulic press units and pneumatic ejection device
Type: AT-RP
Edition: 07/13

AT-RPRoebel Press AT-RP


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1. Description

The Roebel press with ejection unit is designed for the ejection of cut-off-copper-strands and for bending these copper strands into Roebel bars.

2. Technical Data

Machine length: variable (approx. 6000 – 14000 mm)
Machine width: approx. 1500 mm
Machine height: approx. 1600 mm
Press force per unit: max.12 t
Machine mass: depends on length of machine
Strand width: max. 15 mm
Strand height: max. 6 mm
Strand length: variable
Roebel step: 12 – 120 mm

3. Scope of supply

The Roebel press consists of:

  • Machine table with roller surface
  • 2 or 3 press units with one hydraulic cylinder each, including Roebel shape tools
  • 1 hydraulic aggregate
  • Adjusting tool for the Roebel step, for bar heights up to 110 mm
  • Pneumatic ejection for single or double strands

4. Operation

The single or double strands are delivered from the stripping line. They will be ejected by the pneumatic ejection device of the Roebel press.
The strands must be picked up from the back of the table and be inserted into the support and clamping device. The support and clamping device is used for a better handling of the strands during the alignment of the step scale. The clamping bar must be adjusted to the step scale. The step scale is unique for each strand dimension and Roebel dimension.
The alignment of the strands can be carried out with the help of the step scale. After all strands are in the right position the Roebel tool can be tightened. The safety cover of the Roebel press must be closed. The support plate must be removed, so there is space beneath the strands.
Now the press is ready for operation. Both buttons of the two-hand operation panel have to be pushed in order to bend the strands. The 2 or 3 hydraulic cylinders press the strands as long as the buttons are held down. Then the cylinders go back to their initial position. The bent strands can be taken out of the Roebel tool and are ready for braiding on the roller surface.

Roebel Press AT-RP / Röbelpresse