Product:  Pole Coil Brazing Machine for hydro rotor pole windings
Type:         AT-PCBM
Edition:    06/15

Pole Coil Brazing - 1008 APMT klein bearbeitet

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1. Description

The semi-automatic Pole Coil Brazing Machine PCBM is build for manufacturing of pole coils by inductive brazing of the coil angles. The machine is designed with 4 brazing towers with integrated hydraulic brazing joint press.

2. Special Features

  • Manufacturing of trapez- and all other geometrical designs without additional equipment
  • Longitudinal and lateral undercarriage for adjustment of the coil dimensions
  • 4 brazing heads incl. inductor, pyrometer, press device and suction, adjustable to the coil shape
  • Pneumatically fixing of the copper conductors
  • Automatically brazing of the winding, manually post- brazing feasible
  • Program-controlled lowering of brazed winding
  • Accessibility from all sides which ensures an optimum operator view and an easy assembly of insulation
  • Integrated cooling of the copper conductors for fast insulation assembly
  • High accuracy due to inner angle fixation
  • No turning table which results in a shorter cycle time and no risk for the operator
  • Temperature control by pyrometers
  • Central PLC with touch screen display for program selection, data input and control
  • Tracking of main process data
  • Fast setup

3. Technical Data of the machine

Machine length: approx. 6.000 mm (incl. cooling aggregate)
Machine width: approx. 6.000 mm (incl. cooling aggregate)
Machine height: approx. 2.400 mm (incl. cooling aggregate)
Machine weight: approx. 2.000 kg
Working level for brazing: 1.250 mm (from foundation)
Max. apparent power: approx. 45 kVA
Continuous output power: 40 kW (75 kW on request)
Frequency range: 10 to 25 (40) kHz
Electrical connection: 380 – 415 V (3xL,N,PE), 50/60 Hz

4. Technical Data of the pole coil

Dimensions of the pole coil to be manufactured on a standard PCBM are as follows:

Pole Coil inner length: 800 to 3.000 mm (500 to 4.000 mm on request)
Pole Coil inner width: 200 to 800 mm (120 to 800 mm on request)
Copper width: 40 to 120 mm (40 to 150 mm on request)
Copper depth: 3 – 15 mm
Max. pole coil weight: 2.500 kg
Max. pole coil height: 330 mm (400 mm on request)

Pole Coil Brazing Machine AT-PCBM / Polspule-Lötmaschine
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