Product: Brush Grinding Machine
Type: AT-BGM
Brush Grinding Machine AT-BGM











Brush Grinding Machine AT-BGM

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1. Description

The stripping unit is installed at the semi-auto Roebelline AT-RL and the fully automatic Roebelline MR-300. The stripping unit consists of two independent stripping stations, one horizontal and one vertical. Each station consists of one pair of round metal brushes. The rotating brushes touch the wire and strip its isulation. The regular wear of the brushes leads to a reduction of the pressure on the wire and changes the stripping result. Therefore an accurate and easy setting is implemented. The brushes have to be exchanged after a short period or post – processed.Therefore the brush grinding machine is designed. BGM enables to grind the brushes several times before they have to be replaced. This will decrease the production costs considerably.

2. Technical Data

Machine length: approx. 1340 mm
Machine width: approx. 1070 mm
Machine height: approx. 1600 mm
Machine mass: approx. 415 kg
Dimension of brushes: min. Ø129 mm – max. Ø269 mm
Width of brushes: max. 40 mm
Adjusting range brushes: 70 mm

3. Scope of supply

The Roebel press consists of:

  • Brush grinding housing
  • Base frame
  • Control box including control panel
  • Brush holder
  • Grinding wheel
  • Manual adjustable abraisive Diamond for grinding wheel
  • Manual adjusting device for brushes
  • Dust collector ( optional )
Brush Grinding Machine AT-BGM / Bürstenschleifmaschine
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